Awards Eligibility 2021!

Somehow there are only two weeks left of 2021 (wtf), so here’s a rundown of the stories I had published this year. I’d be honored if you check out my work and consider it for your ballots!


The Wolf Among the Wild Hunt (September 2021, Robot Dinosaur Press | dark fantasy | 32,000 words

Skythulf wants to live. Raised in the fight pits, trained to kill or be killed, he yearns for freedom that’s out of reach. He’s a scythewulf: a wolf-shifter considered neither fully man nor beast, his life worth nothing to his keepers…until Brennus, knight-champion of Saorlland, rescues him from certain death and offers him a new life.

When he mistakenly kills a corrupted nun, Skythulf has one chance to redeem himself and restore his honor. He must run with the Wild Hunt: an age-old trial of blood and courage, where every step hides peril and carnage. If he survives, he will be pardoned. If he fails, Brennus will die brutally at his side.

Few have ever returned from the fae-haunted land, where horrors unnamed dwell beside the enchanted and the damned. There is no rest, no relent, and no mercy.

In the Wild Hunt, you run or you die.

(NOTE: If you’re a SFWA member, the ebook is available to download in the forums!) 


Gray Skies, Red Wings, Blue Lips, Black Hearts (January 2021, Apex Magazine | dark fantasy | 5300 words)

The Machine Is Experiencing Uncertainty (April 2021, Escape Pod | science fiction | 5,000 words)

Steadyboi After the Apocalypse (December 2021, Friends for Robots: Short Stories, Robot Dinosaur Press | science fiction | 4,200 words)

The Loincloth and the Broadsword (December 2021, Friends for Robots: Short Stories, Robot Dinosaur Press | fantasy | 3,200 words)

NOTE: If you are an SFWA member, the original short stories from my collection will be available in the forum on release day (12/21/21)!

Thanks for reading, friends!


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