The Lawless Triptych

Today is an exciting triple-release bookday!

I’m honored to have three stories out today, one in each of a three-book series edited by John Joseph Adams, Christie Yant, and Hugh Howey. This is a cool triptych: each author wrote a story for each book (pre-dystopia, current dystopia, end-dystopia) so each volume stands alone, but also creates a series of connected stories that build off each other if read in sequence.

I wrote a triptych about queer and trans people fighting against a horrible near-future U.S.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH (Book 1) – my story, “Trust In the Law, For the Law Trusts In You”

BURN THE ASHES (Book 2) – my story, “Believe In the Law, For the Law is All”

OR ELSE THE LIGHT (Book 3) – my story, “The Law Is the Plan, the Plan is Death”

(cw: my stories contain gun violence, domestic abuse, mass shootings, suicide, and death threats towards trans people; the focus is on how society and government silences and punishes queer & trans people, so there is a lot of darkness in these pages. But I promise each has a positive ending.)

I’m super proud of these stories, and it was a delight to work with the editors to craft this set of tales about resistance, defiance, and triumph in the face of evil.

RISE UP. RESIST. We don’t let the bastards win.

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