Short Stories in Second Person Point-Of-View (2nd POV)

I thought of using a catchier title, but honestly when I went searching for lists with similar keywords, I got a bunch of “how to write” and “what is second person,” and since you obviously know what 2nd POV is. šŸ˜€

So, carried over from the threaded list on Twitter, in a handy (alphabetized by title) guide to short stories written in second person point-of-view.

A Box, a Pocket, a Spaceman by E. Catherine Tobler [Lightspeed, reprint in Cast of Wonders]

A Cure For Ghosts by Eden Royce [Fireside Fiction]

A Lumberjack’s Guide to Dryad Spotting by Charles Payseur [Flash Fiction Online]

A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Lighthouse of Quvenle the Seer by Lina Rather [Lightspeed Magazine]

A Spell to Retrieve Your Lover from the Bottom of the Sea by Ada Hoffmann [Strange Horizons]

A Wish and A Hope and a Dream by M. Darusha Wehm [Cast of Wonders]

Adventuring by Jennifer Donahue [Daily Science Fiction]

All the Colors You Thought Were Kings by Arkady Martine [Shimmer]

And Yet by A.T. Greenblatt [Uncanny Magazine]

Being an Account of the Sad Demise of the Body Horror Book Club by Nin Harris [The Dark]

Black Box by Jennifer Egan [The New Yorker]

Breath, Weeping Wind, Death by Emily McCosh [Galaxy’s Edge]

Chimeras by Jae Steinbacher [Escape Pod]

Choose Wisely by Fran Wilde [Fireside Fiction]

Conversation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee [Clarkesworld]

Don’t Pack Hope by Emma Osborne [Nightmare Magazine]

Doors Jenny Rae Rappaport [Factor Four Magazine]

Fieldcraft by Kellan Sparver

Five Functions of Your Bionosaur by Rachael K. Jones [Robot Dinosaur Fiction]

Heart Stitch by Jose Pablo Irate [Daily Science Fiction]

Immersion by Aliette de Bodard [Clarkesworld]

In the Belly of the Wolf by Gwendolyn Kiste [Kaleidotrope]

In this Life and the Next by Katherine Inksip [Luna Station Quarterly]

Inhabiting Your Skin by Mari Ness [Apex Magazine]

Lapis by Sara Saab [Clarkesworld]

Little Man by Michael Cunningham [The New Yorker]

Monster Girls Don’t Cry by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor [Uncanny Magazine]

Necessary as a Rose by Mary E. Lowd [Kaleidotrope]

Of Water and Wood by Emily McCosh [Curious Fictions]

On the Day You Spend Forever with Your Dog by Adam R. Shannon [Apex Magazine]

Past Tense by James Beamon [Daily Science Fiction]

Pistol Grip by Vina Jie-Min Prasad [Uncanny Magazine]

Sealskin by L Chan [Zooscapes]

Some Kind of Blood-Soaked Future by Carlie St. George [Nightmare Magazine]

Stages of the Witch by Eden Royce [Grimoire]

Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang [Story Of Your Life and Others]

Take Pills and Wait for Hips by Anya DeNiro [Catapult]

The Answer You Are Seeking by Jenny Rae Rappaport [Lightspeed Magazine]

The Birth Will Take Place on a Mutually Acceptable Research Vessel by Matthew Bailey [Lightspeed Magazine]

The Button Bin by Mike Allen [reprinted in Apex Magazine]

The Coven of Dead Girls by L’Erin Ogle [Pseudopod]

The Devil Got You On Speed Dial by H.L. Fullerton [Curious Fictions]

The Girlfriendā€™s Guide to Gods by Maria Dahvana Headley []

The House At the End of the Lane Is Dreaming by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor [Lightspeed Magazine]

The Moody Rooms of Agatha Tate by Wendy Nikel [Nox Pareidolia]

The Old Woman on the Subway by Jennifer Hudak [Hypertext Magazine]

The Sorcerer’s Unattainable Gardens by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor [Daily Science Fiction]

The Stylized Unicorn Escapes Its Poster in Seattle Teenager’s Bedroom by Thomas K. Carpenter [Galaxy’s Edge]

The Tentacle and You by John Wiswell [Nature Futures]

The Woman Out of the Attic by Gwendolyn Kiste [reprinted in Pseudopod]

This Story Begins With You by Rachael K. Jones [Cast of Wonders]

This Was Never A Vigil by V. Medina [Capricious issue 12]

We Are Here to Be Held by Eugenia Triantafyllou [Strange Horizons]

Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience ā„¢ by Rebecca Roanhorse [Apex Magazine]

Whatever Knight Comes by Ryan Row [Beneath Ceaseless Skies]

When Are You Wearing? by H.L. Fullerton [Capricious Issue 12]

Where Monsters Dance by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor [reprinted in Curious Fictions]

Which Super Little Dead Girlā„¢ Are You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out! by Nino Cipri [Nightmare Magazine]

Winter Bride by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor [Kaleidotrope]

You Can Make A Dinosaur, But You Can’t Help Me by K.M. Szpara [Uncanny Magazine]

You Were Once Wild Here by Carlie St. George [The Dark]

You Will Never Know What Opens by Mari Ness [Lightspeed Magazine]

Your Heart In My Teeth by V. Medina [Broken Metropolis]

This list is only possible due to the wonderful SFF folksā€”so for everyone who has suggested stories and made recommendations for this list, thank you! I could not have made this by myself.

(I will update it as needed!)

I hope you enjoy!

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