2019 Awards Eligibility Post!

Well, well, well…we meet post again. As the new awards cycles roll around (a perpetual motion machine of author anxiety) it is time to do a recap of what I had published last year! Which was a fair amount and I am super proud of all the stories! Yay words! ^_^

A note: stories in print anthologies will be listed under a previous name (A. Merc Rustad), but as of July 2019, I write under the name Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, so please do use that one when listing me as an author. Thank you!


With Teeth Unmake the Sun

Lightspeed Magazine

January 2019
8300 words
science fiction

a story about a world-eating wolf, their undying lover, gods and rebellion, chaos and lies. part of the Sun Lords of the Principality series on Lightspeed.

Short Stories

Our Aim Is Not To Die

A People’s Future of the United States
(ed. by Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams)

February 2019
5800 words
science fiction

a story about Sua, an autistic non-binary student, who chooses to help their best friend and an AI entity rebel against a totalitarian regime. near SF dystopia about gender politics, bodily autonomy, and art in defiance of tyranny.

The Judith Plague

Do Not Go Quietly
(ed. by Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner)

April 2019
4500 words
science fiction/horror

a story about androids, Hollywood, 80’s slasher/monster movies, bodily politics, and ridding the world of men who would abuse those without power.

Through Dark and Clearest Glass

Unlocking the Magic
(ed. by Vivian Caethe)

May 2019
6500 words

a story about a non-binary priest haunted by the ghost of a man they accidentally killed; depression, friendship, mental health advocacy, redemption, and magic.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of You

Nightmare Magazine,

September 2019
2200 words

a story about a virtual reality game (game’s haunted), consent, and the terror of sleep and dreams. (Do you want to play Vore?)

Break Free This Ground

Twitter / Strange Horizons (fund drive backer reward)

December 2019
1100 words

when the earth insists you belong only to the ground, but you are made of air and want to fly, how far do you go to be your true self?

Short stories and novelettes are eligible for nomination in the Nebula Awards (science fiction and fantasy), the Hugo Awards (science fiction and fantasy), and the Shirley Jackson Awards (dark fiction, horror).

I would be honored to have any of my stories considered for your ballot, and as always, thank you SO much for reading and for your support. ❤ Happy 2020, everyone!

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