Got the contract finalized today, and I also have permission to share, so! I am beyond excited to be writing an interactive novel (game) for Choice of Games!

IT’S SPACE OPERA SNARK. Plant monsters and spaceships and evil corporations and aliens and romance and explosions and tough choices!

(And for those interested, I’ll be blogging about the process–everything from pitching to planning to planting words all over (aka writing/coding). THERE WILL BE SCREENCAPS.)


Curious what it’s about? This is how I conceptualized the idea:

It’s like Mass Effect meets The Witcher with a liberal dose of Deadpool.

A more official pitch:

You’re a bounty hunter short on work in and deep in debt. You get offered a job by a company called Epsilon Express Enterprises: Hunt down some monsters terrorizing a mining colony. Problem is, all the colonists want the monsters to stay, because they’re the only thing keeping the people alive. What’re gonna do about it?

You decide in Galactic Bounty Hunter, an interactive SF novel by Merc Rustad.

I’m so thrilled to be writing an interactive novel! Set in space! Where you play a bounty hunter! COULD IT BE MORE PERFECT FOR A MERC PROJECT? So, stay tuned. ^_^ I’ll definitely be posting updates!



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