IRON ARIA (Fireside Issue 34, July 2016)

It’s up! My queer/trans #ownvoices story “Iron Aria” is free to read at Fireside! The artwork is by Galen Dara, and this issue was guest edited by Daniel José Older.

Iron Aria

Artwork by Galen Dara

Like most of my writing, this story emerged raw and vulnerable, in small scenes and tenative steps. It was a hard one to write, because the doubtroaches at the back of my brain were constantly whispering that it was too trans and too queer and too ownvoices to find a home. We know doubtroaches lie. But it sometimes takes a long time to untangle the lies and recognize the truth.

Here’s the truth: There is no such thing as “too [queer|trans|ownvoices]” in your work.

Your voice is your own; your experiances are valid; you are worthy and right and capable of telling your story in your own words. No one should tell you otherwise. (There will be those who try. But they will be wrong.) You can write your own story. It is yours to tell.

This is one of mine.

Big shout-out to by buddy E.P. Beaumont whose excellent editing skills helped me polish this into the best it could be.

And from Mr. Older himself:

Screenshot 2016-07-05 07.22.09

I’m so happy with this story. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

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