July/August Publications and Other Shiny Things

Exciting things are happening! First off, I have several stories available or forthcoming this month and next. *bounces* Unappolegetic marketing commences now…


“Finding Home” (Lightspeed, July 2016)

You can pick up a copy of the full issue right now; “Finding Home” (reprint) will be free to read online July 12th on the Lightspeed Magazine site!


“Iron Aria” (Fireside, July 2016)

Available July 5th, with gorgous art from the ever stunning Galen Dara! Check out Fireside’s Patreon for exclusive access to Galen’s art for each issue!



“Lonely Robot In A Rocket Ship In Space” (Cicada, July/August 2016)CIC1607_Cover

I’m not entirely sure when individual issues are available — but this is a very dear story to me, so I hope people are able to read and enjoy it! (Also the Sept/Oct 2016 issue will have a reprint of “How To Become A Robot In 12 Easy Steps” for anyone tempted by subscription!)

“The Gentleman of Chaos” (Apex, August 2016)

You can subscribe to Apex and get new issues right in your inbox upon release; the stories (including mine!) will go live on the website the first week of August.



In other news, I’m developing a newsletter/mailing list thingy, which will be delivered via tiny robot raptors! It’s not live, but you can sign up right now. There’s a link on the sidebar, the landing page of this site, and, oh, right here. It will be a place for new story announcements, occasional updates, and random robot comics when I finish them.


I also have ambitions to launch a Patreon in August that is all a bout small hopeful fictions. I feel a deep, unquenched need for hope in stories–because in dark times, sometimes it is only stories that get us through. More details to come. (I need to find my drawing tablet, because I want to make little robot illustrations to add to posts for Patreon. ^_^ It’s my brand.)


I hope you all are doing well. Thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm! It means the world to me. ❤

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