“Exponentially Hoping” and “Finding Home”

So I have been dealing with depression for some (very long) time now, and while things are getting slowly better, I’m still very behind with updates. But I do have things to share!

The first issue of Vitality Magazine is out! I have a story in this called “Finding Home,” about traveling through alternate realities. It’s a love story, and it’s also about family and identity. It’s unabashedly positive SF. 🙂


(The gorgeous cover art is by Alex Garcia.)

It’s available digitally and in print! Super gorgeous interior illustrations as well, and so many delightful stories about queer characters. I do hope you’ll check it out. 🙂


Other piece of news: author Jim C. Hines has been hosting a series of guest blog posts about diversity and representation. I had a post to kick it off, “Exponentially Hoping,” about the need for non-binary representation in fiction and media. It’s a very raw and personal essay, but I’m quite proud of it. (You can also read the rest of the guest posts–all excellent.)

Potentially more shiny things to report later–I hope you are all well!


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