What I Did in 2014: A List of Lists

Writing Things
– I wrote 10 new short stories, 3 short film scripts, and 1 pilot-length TV script.
– I did not write very much novel, and that is okay.
– I had several stories published.
– I discovered poetry! (It’s awesome.)
– …And then I saw poetry debut in Liminality Magazine!
– Got interviewed (coming 2015).
– Had my favorite story featured in a Year’s Best list. (OMG)
– Sold a couple stories that will be coming out in 2015.


Film Things
– I made four (!) short films (Natural (not finished yet), River, Leaves and Butterflies, Prank, and  Don’t Look Now).
– I began preparation (finished a script, in particular) for my senior film which begins next year.
– I got to DP (director of photography) on a comedic short film written and directed by Jaclyn Tyler.
– Worked on several other productions (filming Neverland performed by Circus Juventas, filming a dance recital at the U of M), and working with a client (Infinity Drumworks) to make promotional videos.
– I finished editing my very first film, Click.


I also
– Read some books.
– Watched some movies and TV shows.
– Went to my first convention (4th Street).
– Read a lot of comics.
– Made a Deadpool costume for Halloween. (Next up: ZENpool.)
Did some cosplay.
– Played Dragon Age: Inquisition. A lot. (It’s soooo good.) And finished a first play-through!
– Took steps to make self-care a priority at times so I could be here and manage.
– Accomplished homework on a (mostly) regular basis so I could keep up my grades. Also, you know, college.
– Met all sorts of awesome people.


Lots of stuff happened. I didn’t record it (or share it) all. But these are some highlights, and almost all positive, because I feel it is very important to highlight the good things that happened when this time of year is the darkest.


What is in mind for 2015? Have a list!


In 2015 I Will…
– Be making my senior film (a 15-20 min. dark fantasy about women and family and monsters).
– Continue to write things.
– Continue to read things.
– Continue to watch things.
– Continue to put self-care as a priority.
– Be awesome.


Make it so.

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