CLICK (short film)

Happy Holidays, all!

I have a short film for you.

CLICK from Merc Rustad on Vimeo.

I made this short film in November 2013, and it was my first real film project—and I have now been able to finish the edits. People have been asking when it will be done for awhile. I made some semi-vague, if true, explanations (other things were due, I have to work out sound-recording issues, I’m busy with other projects).

In all honesty, it is only now, a year later, I have the emotional fortitude to come back and finish this piece.

When we were filming, my grandfather was dying in the hospital. I knew on Thursday, the night before we started production, that I would not see him again. I didn’t tell anyone on set; I couldn’t bring myself to speak about it.

CLICK is a story of grief and loss and reconnecting with people. It is about family and friendship. It became so very hard to make because it was touching on too many raw emotions, and the loss so bright and sharp I was experiencing right then.

We wrapped production Sunday night, the night my grandfather passed away.

After I slapped a rough-cut together in order to finish the class, I did not touch CLICK for months. Early 2014, I tried to come back to it and finish the film. I owed it to everyone, and myself, to complete this little movie. But every time I tried, I just couldn’t bear to look at it.

It has been over a year, and while the hurt is still there, at last I can look at the footage and find hope again in the story and watch what we’ve made.

It has been a hard film to finish, but it is now done and I’m glad. Thank you to everyone who was part of it, for everyone who helped. Thank you for watching.

Thank you.

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