Best SFF of 2014 at Apex Magazine

I’m delighted and honored to note my short story, “How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps” (Scigentasy #4), is included in the fabulous Best of 2014 list curated by Charlotte Ashley.

Clavis Aurea #20: Best Short Fiction of 2014

From the post:

How This Story is Amazing:

1. It is a list story that doesn’t distance us from the protagonist.
2. It perfectly captures the cognitive dissonance between a detached itemization of ones problems and the actual bloodletting behind the need to make the list.
3. It also perfectly captures the numbness of a suicidal impulse.
4. It is full of complicated personal relationships that don’t fall into the usual categories, e.g. Boyfriend, boyfriend’s boyfriend, robot.
5. It will help you realize you know more robots than you thought.
6. And depressed biological machines, too.
7. It has the best ending of any story this year.

I’m humbled at the love this little story is getting. Thank you!


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