Your Vision Will Be as Dark as the Ending

I was chatting with Spartezda the other day about common elements in our stories. One of my… authorial tics is blinding characters. A lot. (Among other things. But let’s be honest, the eye obsession is pretty prevalent.) She came up with what I have now adopted as my personal writing Demotivator:

Your Vision Will Be As Dark As the Ending

So true.

But this had me thinking about other thematic elements in my work. One common theme I’ve consciously noticed, and like to explore, is that of loneliness. (How does it affect you? What do you do about? What do you do to avoid being alone?)

Like my forthcoming story that’ll be in the excellent RIDE THE MOON anthology at the end of February 2012: “With the Sun and the Moon in HIs Eyes” is about the devastating lengths the narrator goes to in order to reclaim a lost life and avoid being alone.

It’s a theme and idea that resonates strongly with me (a narrative squid, for sure) and the different ways people do, or don’t, handle loneliness/being alone/not being alone. The need for people to find connection and companionship, and how these relationships (or lack thereof) shape and develop someone, are endlessly fascinating to me.

(So are velociraptors. Now if you give me lonely velociraptors in a story, I WILL BE A VERY HAPPY MERC. Although I’ll pretty much read/watch anything with velociraptors, period. I am very easy to please in some things.)

What are some of your pet themes in your work?


  1. I don’t blind my MC – they are blind (at least in my last novel in Greek) 😀 Love your themes, Merc – although checking the bios of the people I know in the Ride The Moon antho there seems to be a lot of killing mentioned… maybe that’s the cure for loneliness?


    1. I suppose that’s one cure… 😉

      One day I will start an actual list of themes and narrative squids I can index and track, because now I am going to be pondering ALL THE THINGS in relation to this. (I told Ada that “brothers” is another big one. Family in general, but yes, specifically sibling bonds.)


  2. *ponders* Themes in my works generally include a female MC who acts more like a child. She’s usually headstrong and insists she’s right and you’re wrong. Sadly, I also do a lot of killing in my books. *bows her head in silence*

    Interesting thing about the blindness. I did that for one character in Trueblood’s Plight, but it was temporary thanks to a magic strain (overuse of magic).

    As far as loneliness is concerned, I think no matter what kind of relationship we’re in, writers got lonely a lot. I get severely depressed when a character of mine is going through a rough patch or when I have to kill someone. Unfortunately, relationships are very important to use as well as our characters.

    When I’m feeling lonely, I force myself to dive into a project. Even if I write a bunch of crap, at least I’m writing and not thinking of why I’m lonely. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety a few years back, so when I feel the onset of that depression, I’m quick to find something to do. Creativity is my outlet.


  3. Characters who learn their own strength is a big one in a lot of my stories. Sibling relationships too, though more often sisters than brothers given I have two of the former and none of the latter 😛

    There is more… I made a list recently, but can’t recall off the top of my head.

    Oh, people who act vainly/selfishly/without self-awareness usually end badly. MC often has to learn to be self-aware, a part of which is realising their own inner strength.

    Also, magic as colour. ALL THE MAGIC, ALL THE COLOURS, SO MUCH PRETTY. *swoons*.


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