Hero’s Choice

(Robot Dinosaur Press, January 2022)

[15k humorous fantasy novelette]

Lord Mrakota adopts the boy who is prophesied to kill him and raises Hero as his own son. Despite the meddling of rangers, wizards, and Old Mentors, Mrakota protects and guides Hero to follow in his path as a Dark Lord. 

However, as Hero’s fifteenth birthday approaches and everything conspires to lead him to a final confrontation with Mrakota, Hero doesn’t know if he has a choice at all. Is he doomed to fulfill his destiny and kill his own father?

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The Wolf Among the Wild Hunt

(Robot Dinosaur Press, 2021)
[30k dark fantasy novella]

Few have ever returned from the fae-haunted land, where horrors unnamed dwell beside the enchanted and the damned. There is no rest, no relent, and no mercy.

In the Wild Hunt, you run or you die.

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Friends For Robots: Short Stories

(Robot Dinosaur Press, 2021)

Have you heard the one about:

A neural network who wants humans to drink more water? A person stranded on Mars with only an obsolete robotic toy? A cyborg caught in a time loop with a frightened ship? A self-aware mech who doesn’t want to be a weapon anymore? An AI sent into the deepest part of the ocean—finds a god?

In this collection of short stories, you’ll also meet entrepreneurial barbarians, an astronaut making first contact, a boy who might have (accidentally) started Armageddon, magical birds, and more!

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The Machine Is Experiencing Uncertainty

Escape Pod (original), Episode 778
April 2021

Caliban cycles the captain out the airlock again. The man pounds his fists against the sealed door, mouth working in a torrent of curses and commands. The seals keep the blessed silence contained in the ship.

Once the captain is adrift, Caliban returns to the cockpit and plugs itself into the console.

Gray Skies, Red Wings, Blue Lips, Black Hearts

Apex Magazine, Issue 121
January 2021

A girl has lost her soul down deep in the City. It wandered away while she chipped out another grave in the catacomb brickyards. She set down her pickax, wiped grit from her cheek, and noticed how empty her body was. Looked down at her wrist and found it blank. 


These Imperfect Reflections: Short Stories
—Robot Dinosaur Press, May 2022

“The Heaven That They Never Knew”
—Lightspeed, March 2022

The Wolf Against the Court of Stone: The Scythewulf Chronicles (Book 2)
—Robot Dinosaur Press, August 2022


Behold The Deep Never Seen

Avatar, Inc. / XPRIZE
(edited by Ann VanderMeer)
March 2020

I’m 11,000 meters below the surface of the South Pacific Ocean and sinking fast. I’ve lost visual and radio signal of the vessel Odysseus and now I am alone. No drone or human-powered submersible has ever successfully gone this deep and returned.

Flashlight Man

Nightmare Magazine
March 2020

The legend of Flashlight Man began in the upper Midwestern United States, grounded in rural areas. A variation on mirror summoning, it went like this: you lie on your back in bed, your face turned toward the nearest wall, then shut your eyes and whisper, “Flashlight Man, Flashlight Man, comes with a click, see me if you can.”

Trust In the Law, For the Law Trusts In You
(The Lawless #1)

Ignorance Is Strength (Dystopia Triptych #1)

June 2020

It’s the seventy-sixth mass shooting this year, on May 15th, just a block from your school, in a fast food restaurant. Sixteen dead. The panic surges hot and fierce in your throat as tweets flood your timeline.  

Believe In the Law, For the Law Is All
(The Lawless #2)

Burn the Ashes (Dystopia Triptych #2)

June 2020

I’m having an identity crisis, so I keep smiling. Nothing else matters but this perfect facade. My husband talks to work associates, so I keep my arm twined about his, my gaze submissive, and I laugh when he makes a joke.

The Law Is the Plan, and the Plan Is Death
(The Lawless #3)

Or Else the Light (Dystopia Triptych #3)

June 2020

The world is ending one deleted profile at a time and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just as you’re about to fine an account for taking the Lord’s name in vain, it vanishes with an error message: PROFILE NOT FOUND.

This Cold Red Dust

(edited by Crystal Sarakas &
Joshua Palmatier)
July 2020

So…we’re leaving in three days, Finn. Dad says this will be the last authorized shuttle, so it’s “now or never” like this is time-travel or some shit. It’s not. Once everyone is gone, the government is putting Mars on lockdown, I guess, so no entrepreneurs can try and fix the environmental damage or try again.

Photo by daniyal ghanavati from Pexels

Bring the Bones That Sing

Diabolical Plots
Summer 2020

The bird bones arrived on Grandma’s porch every day at dusk with no warning. There were all kinds of skeletons, each distinct: finches, crows, goldfinches, tiny barn owls, starlings, and once, a blue heron that had covered nearly the entire stoop.

Whether the Earth, the Air, or the Void — (Frozen Wavelets, Issue 5, 2020)

Batteries for Your Doombot5000 Not Included [reprint] — (Cossmass Infinities)

Two Reflections At Midnight [reprint] — (Frozen Wavelets)


Our Aim Is Not To Die

A People’s Future of the United States
(ed. by Victor LaVelle and John Joseph Adams)
February 2019

You are due for your mandatory Citizen Medical Evaluation in three days. Call your authorized health service center to schedule an appointment. Late responses will be fined and your record will show you are resistant to becoming an Ideal Citizen.

With Teeth Unmake the Sun

January 2019

Once there were nine Suns.

Seven remained gods.

The eighth was eaten.

The ninth had no form and no name, and must be forgotten.

The Judith Plague

Do Not Go Quietly
Apex Press, May 2019

Dead androids don’t make headlines nowadays, if the murder is even reported. Do you send a press release for when you trade in your old beater stick-shift? Do reporters cover the daily grind at the scrapyard, machines crushing old metal? Do you hold a funeral for used up batteries?

Through Dark and Clearest Glass

Unlocking the Magic
Cuppatea Publications,
April 2019

In their dream, Azyae stands on a rocky precipice overlooking the sea. The waves mirror the sky: choppy-gray, sharp-edged.

“It’s cold,” Azyae says, tasting salt. The sea is rising. “It’s dark.”

“Not for long,” the ghost says.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of You

Nightmare Magazine
September 2019

The girl has no name. As often as internet forums try to dub one for her, nothing ever sticks. One week there will be a consensus for a name befitting a drowned girl, an agglomeration of classic and cult horror tropes of long-haired, white-dressed dead women, and soon after there is no trace of what it was.

Break Free This Ground

Twitter / Strange Horizons (2019 fundraiser)
December 2019

You’re not alive just now, wrapped in soil and silence. The ground holds you through this current death, while you quietly rage. Let me go! you tell the ground. I don’t want to be here.

This time, you broke when you leapt from a precipice and your paper wings failed. You were trying to touch the stars.


The Frequency of Compassion

Disabled People Destry SF! Uncanny Magazine September/October 2018

Kaityn Falk loves the dark phase of the moon. It’s quiet. Soothing. Insulated in their spacesuit, comm dimmed, Kaityn sits in the rover and watches the sky. Here on Io 7, a newly discovered satellite in retrograde orbit[…], they are the only living human in several thousand lightyears.

The Words of Our Enemies, The Words of Our Hearts

Sword and Sonnet
(Ate Bit Bear)
September 2018

Prince Aretas, son of the Ever-Hungry Queen, had gone into the forest.

Yarchuse knew the truth even before ae coaxed the story from the prince’s boot prints bruising dry earth. Ae shivered, hand splayed above the trail.

By Claw, By Hand, By Silent Speech

w/ Elsa Sjunneson-Henry
Uncanny Dinosaur Issue July/August 2018

When I decided to study paleontology in college and graduate school, it was because the world of bones is silent. It was because the words that a dinosaur speaks are words that can be interpreted by brushes and metal picks, by observing curvature and decomposition, by noticing whether a skeleton was found in a tar pit or under a sand dune.

The Sweetness of Honey and Rot

Beneath Ceaseless Skies
June 2018

It’s the last day of autumn, and Jiteh’s twin brother is dead.

He sits on the edge of his cot, thorns popping like seedlings from between his knuckles and poking through his sweaty scalp in a blood-slicked crown. “I’m scared,” he whispers.

If We Die Unjustified

Uncanny Magazine
May/June 2018

Angelcorpse, Angelcorpse, bones hollowed and so slight; Angelcorpse, Angelcorpse, you ate the marrow bright. Boiled down your wings and sawed away your teeth; plucked your feathers softly and made yourself a wreath. Why do this, darling Angelcorpse? Why mutilate you so? Is it for another’s sight or is it for your woe? Angelcorpse, Angelcorpse, you opened up your wrists; Angelcorpse, Angelcorpse, you thought the end was bliss.

I Sing Against the Silent Sun

w/ Ada Hoffmann
Lightspeed Magazine

June 2018

In the Principality there rule the Seven Suns. Armored gods, they marched through the universe eons ago, wreathed in subjected angels, and left footprints of conquest on galaxies. They dragged beneath them the corpse-heat from a billion burning worlds.

The sixth Sun, the Gray Sun, is a god of silence.

Now Watch My Rising

May 2018

“Your purpose is to eat the sun,” says Prophecy, “at the end of all things.”

“And until then?” Wolf asks, sitting patiently among the roots of the forest while dwarves forge unbreakable chains. Wolf does not want their limbs bound or their jaws muzzled, but Prophecy has told them this is also their purpose. “What do I do?”


Mr. Try Again

Nightmare Magazine
March 2018

Six-year-old Violet Wellington was the only child to come out of the swamp. The boys were gone forever. She sat on the side of a muddied dirt road, digging her nails raw against the gravel; her jeans and pink t-shirt were damp but clean. She had a scrape over her left eyebrow and her hair smelled of mildew. Unharmed, otherwise.

Yet So Vain Is Man
Galaxy’s Edge, September 2018.

it me, ur smol 
March 2018


The House At the End of the Lane Is Dreaming

Lightspeed Magazine December 2017

Your name is Alex and you live in a small town at the edge of the sea. You have a sister and two parents and no pets.

In your town, everyone follows their destiny: They cross the street, cook endless meals, stand in the same room, deliver the same mail every day. You can’t remember most of their names. It’s the way it’s always been.

Longing For Stars Once Lost

Lightspeed Magazine,
October 2017

The ship dies in orbit above an abandoned world.

Kitshan curses. Metal bones shudder around him as the last of the ship’s breath is sucked into vacuum. His skill at the helm and hasty patch jobs have kept the engines together, but luck is scarce out here, and his is gone. The ship is unminded. Lifeless metal, basic programming, and manual flight operations.

This Is A Picture Book

[interactive fiction]

November 2017

Two Reflections At Midnight

Gamut Magazine # 9 September 2017

First, you’ll have to build a gibbet.

They were all burned under the Act of Recommitment fifty years ago, when capital punishment was outlawed in favor of MindCleanse procedures. There’s an old crossroads a few miles south of the dusty remains of a town that once had a name. It doesn’t anymore. Build your gibbet there.

For Now, Sideways

Diabolical Plots
August 2017

The text pings her mech’s computer out of nowhere. Victory is ours.

Holst lowers her railguns, steps back from the blown-apart husks of the birdshells. Can’t wipe the cracked viewscreen clean or the streaks of blood dried onto the rivets. Her lungs burn. For years, she’s felt like she’s suffocating—no oxygen left, just smoke and dust. All around her, on the desert’s edge, there’s nothing but sand and corpses. Mech, human, ghost.

Thrice Remembered

The Death of All Things (Zombies Need Brains Press)
September 2017

The first thing he remembers: cold water, silted and salty. Weeds in his mouth, a clay bank under his hands.  Crocodiles. Yes, he knows the crocodiles and that the great beasts should have eaten him.

The second: a knife against his spine. Blade pressed into skin as he retches water.

Fathoms Deep and Fathoms Cold

(Zombies Need Brains Press)
September 2017

(reprinted in PodCastle, July 2019)

Tage lights a cigarette and watches the man in the scarlet fedora come nearer. Hat like that’s hard to miss. This one’s his contact. His heartbeat gets quick. The docks are loud, briny, thick with bodies. Storms scrape the horizon, kick up sharp winds. He can’t show desperation. It’ll get him killed or left stranded. Same difference.

What the Fires Burn

PodCastle (original)
August 2017

It’s near dusk when VanDrake Tage Rannheim trudges into the city to meet a friend. He sticks to the lee of buildings, smog and shadow wrapping his coat. Don’t like a lot of attention. Can’t help it, mostly, but he keeps his greatcoat pulled closed to conceal weapons. Ain’t wiped the mud off the back sigil, either.

Brightened Star, Ascending Dawn

Humans Wanted, 
(Cuppatea Publications)
August 2017

(reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine and Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018, ed by N.K. Jemisin & John Joseph Adams)

[The universe] uncurls in waves and song fractals that make up the subatomic fabric of space-time. Melodies of energy sweep her up and spin her into a thousand voices. Colors not yet named and not yet seen paint her mind with joy.

Monster Girls Don’t Cry

Uncanny Magazine
January/February 2017

(reprinted in
The Best Of Uncanny,
Subterranean Press, 2019)

Your sister has too–large hands and too many teeth. Not in a sense that her gums are crowded or her fingers are long and she might have a career as a concert pianist. No, her hands are massive, thick–boned, tipped in wickedly sharp claws that shine like pearls. And her mouth—well. Her mouth is normal–sized, but it has so many, many teeth.

Later, Let’s Tear Up the Inner Sanctum

Lightspeed Magazine February 2017

Avabug’s Netjournal—[friends-only] hospital update—5/17/29

Still in the hospital. Radiation burns suck. Mom came to see me, though, which was nice. She probably had to argue with that dick of a boss she works for to let her off early. You’d think since I nearly died because superheroes were fighting above my school that I’d get some sort of benefits or medical insurance, but noooo.


What Becomes Of The Third-Hearted

Shimmer #33
September 2016

Her skin smells of crushed pearls, dried salt, silver fish scales woven into unfinished memories. Her eyes are sculpted starlight, holding the sadness of death a million years ago and a million yet to come.

When she holds out her hand, I turn and run. The sand has turned to glass and my heels crack the shore in tiny percussions like the breaking of my hearts.

The Gentleman of Chaos

Apex Magazine,
August 2016

(reprinted in Wilde Stories 2017, ed by Steve Berman, Lethe Press, 2017)

People call him the Gentleman of Chaos, but he is not gentle.

By popular count, he’s assassinated thirteen kings, seventy-two princes, one thousand nobles, and five queens.

By popular legend, he’s immortal, a god of commoners, a death-demon summoned to feed on corruption, a shadow that devours the unjust.

Iron Aria

July 2016

The mountain dreams pain. Cold iron vibrates purple-blue deep in the stone while tongues made from rot and rust bite and gnaw and hunger ever deeper. The dam, buried like a tooth in the mountain’s narrow gums, holds back the great burgundy ocean. Otherwise it would pour into the Agate Pass valley and swallow up the mining town at the mountain’s toes.

Lonely Robot in a Rocket Ship in Space 

Cicada Magazine 
July/August 2016

(reprinted in Escape Pod, Feburary 2018)

Byron scribbled crib notes on his wrist the night before he planned to come out to his dads.

He’d told all his friends he was sick so he would have an excuse to stay home Friday night. It wasn’t like he was lying.

This Is Not a Wardrobe Door

January 2016

(Nebula Awards finalist, 2017; audtio reprint at PodCastle in April 2016; reprinted in Transcendent 2: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, ed. Bogi Takács (Lethe Press 2017)

Once I, Rose 

Daily Science Fiction
May 27th, 2016

The woman I’m given to is finished with her boyfriend, so she throws me and the other roses into the garbage disposal.

Because memory lasts between life and death, I make lists as my new body grows on the stem.

The Android’s Prehistoric Menagerie

Mothership Zeta
February 2016

(reprinted in Boing Boing; audio reprint in Escape Pod, Feburary 2016)

Unit EX-702 comes back online when UV wavelengths activate its solar plating. Its optics are crusted with red dust; a low-powered system scan concludes that though its left arm is missing and there is excessive oxidation damage along its chassis and helmet, as well as a web spun from several arachnids (Nephila clavipes) now embedded in its servo stump, EX-702 is functional.

Or Be Forever Fallen

InterGalactic Medicine Show February 2016 

(audio reprint at PodCastle, January 2017)

The raven’s ghost follows first. It’s not a surprise, if I’m honest. I killed a raven once —intentional, cruel — some time ago. (I don’t remember why.) At first I saw it in the distance while I prowled the ruins of the once-majestic forest, hunting the men who robbed me. Yet the ghost never approached until now.

For Want of a Heart

Absolute Power: Tales of Queer Villainy
(Northwest Press)
December 2016

Glossy. That’s Mirdonna. Glossy: from the tips of her supple thigh-high leather boots with heels as thin and sharp as cobra fangs, to the deep orange corset laced with ivory threads. Her eyes are painted radiant poison-green. It’s her smile, though, that captures everyone’s attention. Her thick lips are glazed in brilliant umber; the tip of a red tongue pokes between her teeth.

“If I asked,” she murmurs, her voice like molten honey, “would you give me your heart?”


Under Wine-Bright Seas

May 2015

The stranger from the sea had skin painted with maps, inked in all the colors known and unknown to the naked eye. When the guards brought him from the shore, he asked to speak with me.

The Sorcerer’s Unattainable Gardens

Daily Science Fiction 
April 2015

(reprinted in Love Hurts, ed. Tricia Reeks (Meercat Press); audio reprint in Far Fetched Fables)

Wrought iron fences loop around the gardens: six deep, the outer three progressively higher, more elaborate, and with more spikes atop, while the inner three create a mirror effect. Say you make it over all six fences without impaling yourself or falling or getting trapped between iron bars that suddenly constrict or twist or move. Say you avoid the fourth fence, the electric one, or the second one with the poisoned varnish, or the sixth one with a taste for blood.

Where Monsters Dance

Inscription Magazine
March 2015

(audio reprint in PodCastle, October 2015; reprinted in Transcendent : The Best Transgender Fiction 2016, ed. K. M. Szpara (Lethe Press)

Once upon a time there was a girl named Red, but since this isn’t a fairytale, that’s a stupid way to begin.

Start here: You’re sitting with your girlfriend Ashley after dance practice and she says,

“They won’t let me join the girls’ dance team.”

Finding Home

Vitality Magazine
March 2015

(reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine, July 2016)

The reality I was born in ceased to exist when I was three years old. So Mama and I moved to a different reality.

We moved a lot, actually.

To the Knife-Cold Stars 

Escape Pod
February 2015

(reprinted in Wilde Stories 2016: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction, ed. Steve Berman, Lethe Press, 2016)

When Grace opens his newly crafted eye, the first thing he sees is wire. Thick cords of braided wire snaking like old veins up the walls. It’s dim inside the surgical unit, but for all the black metal and mesh shelves, it feels clean, even in the heat. The air still has the unfamiliar taste of crude oil. 

Tomorrow When We See the Sun

Lightspeed Magazine
December 2015

(reprinted in Cosmic Powers, ed. by John Joseph Adams, April 2017)

Wolflord (title): nomadic, nameless survivors of destroyed warships; those who did not accept ritual immolation during the Decommission. No allegiance to the Principality; outlaws. The antiquated title is self-taken from the first deserter, whose name and memory were erased upon execution; precise origin unknown.


To the Monsters, With Love 

Flash Fiction Online,
May 2014

I miss you.

I miss the feel of your scales, the coarseness of your fur, the tease of your claws, the scrape of your fangs against my skin.

At night, I dream we’re still together: in your castle, in your coffin, in your dark lake waters. Just us, without the world to judge. I dream you were not taken from me.

Goodnight, Raptor

Daily Science Fiction,
March 2014

Benjamin sat on the sidewalk with his favorite dinosaur book, the one about Velociraptors. Up in the sky, the clouds of silver nanobots flew higher and higher until he couldn’t see them anymore. It was very quiet now. Benjamin held his book tight so it wouldn’t get lost or eaten up, and looked around for Daddy.

How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps

Scigentasy, March 2014

(audio reprint in GlitterShip, April 2015; reprinted in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015 (ed. Joe Hill and John Joseph Adams); reprinted in Cicada, Sep./Oct. 2016; reprinted in Issue 100 of Lightspeed Magazine, September 2018; reprinted in So You Want To Be A Robot: 21 Stories, Lethe Press 2017)

Winter Bride

Winter 2014

One of the girls has been made into a doe again. Laughing wolves chase her through the palace halls, and you turn your face away as they pull her down. (They always do.) She screams with a human voice. You cannot help her; bite-scars cuff your wrists from when you tried before.

“Come join us, trinket?” one wolf asks.


Ideomancer, December 2013

Of Blessed Servitude 
Fictionvale, November 2013
(audio reprint at Escape Pod in May 2016)

Hero’s Choice 
Silver Blade, December 2012 – March 2013.

With the Sun and the Moon in His Eyes 
Ride the MoonTyche Books, February 2012
(reprinted in Blood Iris 2012, October, 2012)

Daily Science Fiction, December 2010

And the Teeth 
The Red Penny Papers, December 2010

One With the Monsters
New Fables, Summer 2010

Nossa Morte, November 2009